JJ Automotive - Will move your car to another location til paid for and not tell you he would or where it is!!!!

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Had my car repaired at J and J Auto Shop on Truman rd Independence, Mo.The car was finished last week and the owner called my husband.

My husband and I was out of town on a family emergency. We told him we would be by to get it on Friday 9/7/12. When we got back in town today I drove by the shop on my way to work and my car was not there. I called the owner and ask where my car was and he had removed it from his shop to another location and refused to tell me where it is.

He told me in a safe place. He told me that he had people that would not pay for them and come andl take them. He also proceeded to tell me he was in florida. I called the police and they said that's illegal so I am filing theft charges if the car is not returned to the lot ASAP!!!!

OK first of all we paid for the head to be redone and took it to him. So why would we pay for parts for him to repair it and then try to steal our own car. This is not good business practice for a mechanics shop to do to a customer. We trusted him to repair our car and then he treats us like crooks.

I would never advise anyone to use this shop. When I pick it up on friday it better not have anymore miles on it than what I left it with. There better not be any damage or he will have a lawsuit against him. Every shop I have ever used has treated us good until now.


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JJ Automotive - I wonder if Trans National's lawyers would like to know about this?

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This is a long story but I'll try to shorten it. I received a phone call from a Trans National rep back in 2/2011. She said they could set me up with a terminal and give me great transaction fee's and I could buy the terminal for $600.00. I told her that I was interested and would like to give them a try. I never actually confirmed or gave the go ahead to get everything going. The next thing I know I have a terminal sitting in my office. A terminal which the rep did not even think had been shipped due to me not saying I was sure I wanted to pay $600.00 for. I had never signed a contract, and the application they sent me to show that I did didn't even have my correct name on it, a computer generated signature that was the wrong name, the wrong address, and the wrong telephone number. I have also never received a contract from them. BUT it showed up, fine.The fee's given to me over the phone were actually pretty darn good so whatever.

Then the processing started. The fee's never made sense. They were high, low, all over the place. When I didn't use it for a month the fee's were crazy. Then not even 9 months into the use I get charged a annual fee of $161.00. When I asked why an annual fee would be charged before a 12 month period I received not intelligent answer. So I looked at other providers and found much better rates. I found someone with better rates and when I tried to program MY terminal it had been locked. So after many problems and getting another terminal from my new company and starting the processing through them I sent a cancellation letter to Trans National and a dispute of charges for the annual fee.

A woman named Baby called to talk to me and instantly the conversation went horrible. She was very unprofessional and would ask a question and never wait for the answer before she would argue with me. I finally asked for her direct number and extension so she could be contacted later and she asked why. When I told her it was so my company attorney could contact her she said she did not talk to attorneys and she hung up.

I could go on for ever about this and her unprofessional actions and even her threatening remarks but you get the idea.

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